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which can be accomplished in the chemical laboratory. The hexose formed

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lished this case he said he advocated doing a preliminary

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tion of an abortion was advised and rapidly done and

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penetrate the sinus. Sometimes the lachrymal canal is separated

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very incoherent manner said that Blondin was going through

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mother of the B. family from the Westminster Hospital stated that her

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to find good labor pains had set in.and before the forceps

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and extensively employed especially in military surgery. It

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joining each other and filled witu a watery fluid will be

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found firmly lodged beyond its first svibdivision blocking

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periods of remission and recurrence within the twenty four hours

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In hypertrophied tonsils subject to recurring attacks of inflamma

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fitt t at Qtirstionrtti murtt st U Icarn mucJi.Sacon.

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saving the patient money as much as endangering life.

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surgery. Further the homeopathic students voted unanimously

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whilst they doubt the efficacy of any treatment under these circumstances

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clay bricks were heated in the fire. Then one by one they

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belong in realitv to the sun was logical and almost demon

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sume all red cells present or some of them become unfavorable

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shown that we increase the traumatism more by iridectomy

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not been treated the counts in the exposure plates were

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abrasions or fissures at the juncture of skin and mucous membrane

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to day must be borne in mind as constituting a difference

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years another species of Datura has been introduced the Datura tatula.

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were also reported in addition to those above detailed.

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from which the individual had suffered had completely disappeared

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was Paisley s oldest medical practitioner studied medicine at

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as yet been a single death from chloroform given dur j

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and the patient never failed to respond to the contact of

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one of ectopic gestation at about the fourteenth week. The embryo was

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One of the best types with movable head is the cowl headed

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