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referring to surface soil ground moisture ground water and ground

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judiced statement of the possible l enetits or evils of

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skin flushed cheeks dry tongue mostly furred muscular sore

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such as faulty nasal develoj nient and chronic nasal or Eustachian

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of the small intestine involving Peyer s glands and

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He served in Bouquet s expedition at Fort Pitt and elsewhere in the

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the nutritive changes which occur at that period. The sub

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which lasted a few weeks. A careful examination of the

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tional treatment depends upon it. Without going further it is easy

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brief review of what has occurred during this period we shall

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Having noticed in a cursory manner some of the duties of the

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ducts upon the other hand are not unfrequently perforated by

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berry the dry mouth and fauces without any affection of vis

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the neighboring median occipito temporal convolution that simple

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the shaft of the femur is a very grave accident indeed

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Robertus Mitchell a Nova Scotia. Retention of the Urine

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Primary carcinomata are on the whole of rare occurrence while

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discussion has hardly commenced when it is found that the

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your great virtues. Illustrious and learned in your

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We have been however no less impressed with the por

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emaciated gradually recover. Intraperitoneal infection is fol

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on and extend the work. Doctor Strong is now professor

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He is always under close observation by persons whose duty it is

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auricle contained a similar clot as did the right auricle and

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that albuminoid matter which exudes from the divided surface of a

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by thickening the sole of the shoe worn upon the foot of

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Scotland. This is probably due to the circumstance that the propor

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General Septic Peritonitis in Typhoid Fever Without

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and at the expiration of nine months an ovarian tumor

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morbi to counteract its effect upon the central nerv

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so changed in this fracture that it is proper to describe the

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After Death. Infection does not cease with death. The number of well

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Weir Mitchell and Dr. M. Allen Starr came to Colorado

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