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more successfully treated by following physiological

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pregnant cows but not of the nymphomaniac type. The

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opsonic theory of Wright and the phagocytic theory of

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requiring less time might be cared for. The greatest

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hand and the foot grasped with the other attempts to move it

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gress in. Surgeons or heads of large clinics have given just as

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It is extremely important as a rule to be quite specific in the

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Anatomy he employed his leisure in scientific e.xperiment and

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of regular flights patients requiring other than emergency treatment would be

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The man was unable to move a muscle below the neck.

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first councilors of the new House of Delegates for the

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cagni or Ruysch imagined one need only consider that arterial exhalation

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a transient facial and one a transient diaphragmatic paralysis. Ex

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pregnant cows but not of the nymphomaniac type. The

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at the right time he thought it a mistake to wait four

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wells or wells constructed for the purpose. With such a record before

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policy of the receiving physician is always to err on

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lars for Tumors will often develop no matter how well the operation is

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following scheme of questions When was the live stock

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in the existence of any fixed curvature of the spine however

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three genera however fig. the posterior dorsal commissure

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a temporary lapse of consciousness. The person who is

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