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over by the representative of the Swiss federal government
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first on the list of foods to be avoided. Potatoes
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caffeo tannic acid the yield is from four to five per cent.
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will heal rapidly when touched with nitrate of silver using at first the
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without reference to tlie uniformity or luality of the animals selected.
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varities of bad taste may occur chiefly after eating but in some cases
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calculus which is made up of these substances is termed
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moderate severity and without any very alarming symp
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proximal end and the fourth metacarpal also near the
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stabilizes these patients and prepares them to progress into
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such experience to give of their relations with Dr. Flint. They all loved
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To obtain stipend application must be made by the first week in February.
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parts with the exception that it has not undergone the
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Berkshires. The systems of feeding and care are as near per
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abrupt edges. Microscopic examination showed that the lesion
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vary secretion is from to per cent water it is readily seen how
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inations of the throat and of the exudates were val
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or claret. Olive oil soap suds etc. require no especial
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nearly as possible to the axis of the instrument the presence of
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The pathological anatomy of pelvic peritonitis is modified by
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method of opening the bowel. He recorded consecutive
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persons open an abundant field for speculation concern less ap
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Cows or Bullocks of the Fever in a Cow or Bullock of
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vergebliche Kochsalzlosnnginftision in die Vena cepha
ence between this and a blister made by flies. I have wit
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change has evidently come with the new ideas in regard to curing.
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essary that the local authorities should consider their

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