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corneal involvement than in premature or marasmatic children. It is
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Dr. Mudd. In the neurologic report which I furnished for this case
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field of hysteria as he conceives it. It is marked by
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ment in the form of affidavit by the person taking out
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satisfied there must be an abscess inside some where perhaps in the
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scanty and at last involuntary the faecal matters flowing from
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V. The removal of obstructions or of causes of irritation
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there so reduced in strength as to be unable to walk twice
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similar to that of patent trade mark or proprietary
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ordered functional activity of the others. On the other hand the
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from undue compression during birth These consequences do
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tions of the ordinance apparently harsh and stringent
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the bag containing it not being elevated more than eighteen inches or two
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cleannefs I have learnt from experience may immediately be given to old
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would be wiser to refer to the association or executive committee
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the patient died on the nd of February forty nine days after
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primary optic centres large enough also to involve the sensory
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affected she eventually died of suppression of urine.
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most accurate means of diagnosis and I should place it as No. i.
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considers the affection to be a tuberculosis of the
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make it impossible to count the number of the beats. By all these
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of the medical service. He felt the need of a medical
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ing in valvular diseases of the last variety a stage of com
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which must be headed off. Hams must be cut two inches from
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and France and England the vessel was taken hy a Span
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be selected but not so easily from the primitive basal organs
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in leading us to suspect such disease. It is well how
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mosquitoes even when hidden in eight layers of toweling. It has ab
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tinct. After the second galvanopuncture there was a slight diminu
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as had been desired. Questions also arose as to how many
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feature and a somewhat similar example has been recorded by Murchison.
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Inspection is particularly helpful in tracing the source of infected
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and in a few instance amebic cases previously sched
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the specific appellation of herpes umbilicaris must
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complete success for in my mirror were reflected jer
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In some cases in which the inflammation of the middle
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vessel and when some hours later we introduced the coagulated

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