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into action. The heart early Incomes excessively weak and as would

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captured all their artillery camp equipage and supplies valued at

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nombre de varietes qui ne sont pas toutes nuisibles au

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no doubt to attempts at extirpation of the indurated glands. The justices

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blanched pulse. On proceeding to douch the uterus a large

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accordingly closed. The patient made a good recovery and the tumor dimin

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ordinary care and attention. The discoloration on the fore

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without accompanying them with a single qualifying re

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general debility and various chronic complaints with


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assistant professor of bacteriology and director of the State

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within forty eight hours. The improvement in the general

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Hyrtl mentions the operation of amputation at the ankle joint but does

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of its members so that it is not necessarily incorrect to call a

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diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory organs a feeling whieh is not

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acutely alive to all impulses physical or moral. Thus it has

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acid are in accord with those expressed in the most

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can be carried out in the poorest home. Without it nothing but

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thesia in military practice in France. Thorough deliberate reduc

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human medicine. Our patients cannot tell us in articidate Ian

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a considerable distance up and down the cord. The bleeding primarily

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dreams. She is a bright child of Russian parentage

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no nerve cell or fiber could be demonstrated to be dis

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placement hy Taxis Reeotiet y. itLUV. C aged was admitted on

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An incision was made after the method of Langenbeck and the in

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nitely stated. In two cases the date of development

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by the use of guaiacum the last direction concerns the

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ing and redness. At the commencement of her illness.she

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setts who was attacked by diabetes after waiting on

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At a more advanced period say the second third or fourth

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leg in a flannel compress wt twith a solution of chlo

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being called on to serve in the East. The favourite I

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Virus Veterinary Instruments Waldenburg s Pneumatic Apparatus etc. etc.

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of syringomyelia were described aa suffering from acromegaly

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author does not agree with Oschner and Stanton that

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