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with analogous artificial lesions in animals nevertheless certain
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difficulty in forming a positive diagnosis in these cases that is
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As the disease abated the skin became more pliant and persp
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times to the size of the fist. Which I have seen in
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never prolonged but in conversation on useful subjects
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causes the condition known as squinting. To protect
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ment because of progressive deformity the prognosis
Miller George Henry B.S. University of Maryland Maryland
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an economical and effective model lor the treatment
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readers would be pleased to have some recent definite information
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pain for a period of seven years even if we demur to stating
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a stone tile or slate roof is eagerly sought by the judicious
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ing disease of the fallopian tubes inflammatory in character that the
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bleeding. If the delay is still longer the tendency
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registration oiUce consists of the tabulation of the causes of death and
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long time existed and are now existing and pending between two
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together and inserted into half an inch of small rub
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the obstruction should have a tendency to decrease the absolute amounts of
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with also exaggerated deep and superficial reflexes. In
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Statistics collected in every part of the civilized
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that the pig has been implicated in only one outbreak which has been
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