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where it is more readily recognized can be excluded. The probability

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This is apparently a widely distril uted Afi ican species being especially

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the birth of diseased children. Of children born dead

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it will follow that a certain number of the instances of im

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practice. If this system be properly and honestly car

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brought me the news that the patient had a slight rise of

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An incision was made into the abscess when a considerable

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slighter than at first will reproduce the congestion while extending

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be reduced in size pain had disappeared except over

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eases clinics are being established in the larger cities and medical

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Association of American Physicians. The preliminary

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laboratory work owing to its supposed difficulties and com

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filaria sanguinis bominis has been found in the feces. Osier

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this follicular hypertrophy in a community affords a delicate test of its

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survey of present medical practice forces me to the

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He believes that this fact cannot be too strongly accentuated in order

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plained of is pain which from being local rapidly becomes diffuse and intense.

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with Mr. Whitelaw Reid and after formally presenting

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sively these measures must be all the more promptly and

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a sufficient opening has been made by the needle it

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If none of these measures are successful the sore throat must be the

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the pain remains limited to the distribution of one trigeminal nerve and

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were generally attributed by the physician and friends

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lectures before the children. It will do the most good to deliver

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walls of the artery could not long have remained approxi

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not reveal in himself the divine power which in him

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than Greece. The Greeks referred to Italy as the land of cattle.

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