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toward the medical profession generally nor could he seeing that he num

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alternating with periods in which the secretion is normal or in excess. It

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interstitial as although it did not give much information

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elsewhere in order to afford an opportunity for the discussion

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different set of nerves those extending from the upper part of

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the variety of the hernia was at once apparent. The ventral

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The Cure of Splenic Fever by Erysipelas Serum and Suggestions

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will be remembered that protein is entirely disintegrated in the intestine

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of he parathyroid glands total extirj ations were rarely undertaken

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in different varieties of the same species and in different

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various body cavities. The hot solution swallowed or introduced

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minute injection with dark coloured blood. Here and there

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medical districts is the corporation to be advised by the several officers

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muco purulent deposit. The urine above this will be

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healthy kidney the urine from the supposedly diseased

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vice in offices porterships etc. Of course it is impossible

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of the brain as this did. The folds become softened and

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Lieutenant Fa.quhar Tliomson was a medical student at the University

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fection. For this reason I cannot consider successful all those

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the saccharine matter was evidently formed in the liver where it was

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this reservoir overflows and is emptied out in sleep

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human resources its fighting effectiveness should therefore be greater

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scarcely aware that companies for effecting insurances on lives exist and

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most of our knowledge of the details of its organiza

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pains feeble lingering labour for many hours. Os uteri tardy

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with it. In other cases the adoition of tincture of lobelia

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hyperglycogenolysis in which case there can be no question of a hyper

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made with caustte behind the great trochanter. About a asonA

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for ought we know the decreafe of bodies in flatical experiments

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diagnosis of syphilis or of syphilogenous diseases

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The case of epididymitis was in an out patient laboring under an

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vs by inducing depression irritability or moroseness. That this con

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on performing their habitual spasmodic movements without

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pressure which is followed by atrophy of the rest of the gland.

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