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actly Focussed upon the Retina. The dotted line is the ideal sur

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peded it is at first a confused tumult which generally happens when

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portion of common salt. The white of a fresh egg beaten up with

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tion from the saddle or from ill adjusted clothing. A

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power noted as existing in the hand on the morning of

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tom taken alone it counts for little but in conjunction with other

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Mr. Clarke. In a case of considerable persistency and extent

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the vitreous humour it is heavier than common water somewhat albu

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position of the foodstuffs. The first point of this

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capable of doing harm to the peritoneum on account of the intermitent action

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cells. Furthermore it is possible to segregate these

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Third Stage. From years onwards the mortality rate of

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hasten the disappearance of the icterus by prescribing diuretics such

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by his kindly thoughtfulness and justice secured the

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It was intended to place our knowledge concerning typhoid infection in

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From cases which have come under my notice I have been

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The effect of the correction upon the paralysis has

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When in the camp or barracks the soldier should take

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staxis to bleeding from the gums and to purpuric eruptions on the trunk

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squeeze out the juice and stir all together and bake about hours. Sugar

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time were that when the influence of the brain is removed

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the earliest physician who introduced the use and cultiva

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after truth to rely only upon provable facts myriads of which have

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old and he claims to have had the disease since his

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allaying it than chemicals. A clean colon js likely to be

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one hundred and thirteen baths. There was no tremor and no sub

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the cause of all the trouble. I called for some vessel to receive

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