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ed that in the morning a coj ious j erspiration ensued and

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kindness. Often amuses himself by babbling the single syllable

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on the second day drops later l fluctuates then between

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larger aspects of the subject one of the most import

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smooth elastic growth and possibly also the hydatid tremor. When suppura

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gealed water with here and there small air bubbles between their

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Positive sputum. Steadily progressive lung pathology similar to

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few weeks later final results not obtainable. A boy

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after exposure to contagion and who escaped by taking an

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was given and the parents were told that the tumors were inoperable

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behalf of the Allegheny County Medical Society. Author

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with soap and afterward with the selected disinfectant.

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pillow or sack stuffed with straw and a strong webbing put around the

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patient as well as the general surroundings of the sick

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pint and a half of milk and half an ounce of candied

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purify our own ranks. When we shall have done this we

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a sufficiently lighted place for examination and the

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phragm the latter being perforated by the broken pointed end of

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ble. If the clay dough is mixed with water it must be

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possibility of empyema is present by showing that there can be no

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anorectal canal it was usually recognizable by inspec

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cricoid cartilage and first ring of the trachea are divided

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the ovaries. Painful sensations or a feeling of oppression and a glohiLS rising

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known to veterinarians. Whenever genital contact occurs

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times and places otherwise free from the disease. This fact also shows

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Another cause is hyperacidity and the condition may also exist in organic

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to the instrument let him remember to draw forth his hand

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Deep inspiration followed by coughing may render them audible when they

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asthma which latter affected her as a general rule at night. It is

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hemolysis will occur. The reaction is a complicated

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geneous colour of the cataracts and their wanting that

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