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had to be dealt with in the phthisical sideroom. I mention

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to the Principal Medical Officer in the field. He will

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larger community and able to participate in some of the social

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minutes and was then withdrawn. No satisfactory results.

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two drachms of water containing two and a half minims of

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charge to Mr. Parham. Charged one guinea a visit from the

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blood which certainly contains no uric acid whatever

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Dr. Cooper The only case I recall now regarding public sentiment rela

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Lectures and demonstrations in general therapeutics physical

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tion of the blood he had been able to get a pure culture

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study since from a practical standpoint it might offer im

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congenital infection the transmission of the bacillus

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the range of temperatures was such that the reproduc

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ing principally of small lymphocytes. See tables for relative numbers

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with it natural diastases which facilitate the diges

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the fighting line. The ambulance corps was in readiness

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method of choosing inspectors in America. The bituminous

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Dr TV. Russell complimented Mr Stiles on the beauty and ex

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the other hand activated sludge systems with a capacity of fifteen

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wards of the hospital at the same time. This officer

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tributor of dermatological articles to two editions

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food such as eggs soups jellies and gelatin preparations while in other

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virulent pneumococci. He did not respond to treatment

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the hospital he only weighed J. imputation at the hip

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and gln ger pilula aloes et zingiberis. P. of aloes and

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cases. On the use of this drug there have been the most

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tended loses its tonicity and consequently the time comes when the

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attributed to the toxaemia which always accompanies septiciemia the

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shape and appearance of these cells so that when seen

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ophtlialmoscopc it being of course as all the others

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the innervation of the ganglionic or secretory system of nerves

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racic duct the sexual system of plants the circulation

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direct influence that the will possesses over this wondrous faculty.

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a few months residence while on the other hand it must

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