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is bloodstained and swarms with bacilli. The disease runs a very rapid

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efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Chronic Bronchitis and

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dences and. while successful in some outbreaks failed in others.

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into the nasal cavity instead of into the antrum. In many

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Tetanus antitoxin has been recommended for the cure of the disease

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establish a school of medicine to be attached to the future

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constitutional and void. The court instructed the jury to return a verdict for

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Dr. Parkes said he believed that the nervousness to which

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In addition to the specific diseases milk may be injurious as a

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greatly tax the imagination to form some understanding of the

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of the incision instead of closing it completely but

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and generally it can be observed to contract around a central point

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who is appointed by the Mayor and decides all cases

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renewed suppuration of the partially healed infiltrations while

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the box. Sift a little insect powder and supply some ashes

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the Council at Berne went so far as to issue an exhortation

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continued. Few cases require more than from five to ten ap

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right direction and should be endorsed by the Medical Society.

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ing membrane of the uriniferous tubes which chokes them

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