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author sums up his cases and their type as follows in a

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in this way. The author believes that if these instances

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point has been brought together by Sir James Clark.

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are greatly distended by them. The oldest portion of the clot

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to prevent it. He has convinced himself that even in very old

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ing infection. An object is said to be infected when contaminated with

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absence of the typical respiratory spasm the death which occurs is longer

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be classed under this rubric even though they are of nuclear origin. It

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converted into abscess cavities with several small calculi. Death from shock on

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shows a chronic endometritis with changes incident thereto such as a

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the influences in operation in the production of the various

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managed on general principles and counter irritant

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In lemon coloured crystals very soluble in water. In

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most scrupulous accuracy would not make it of use to any others.

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women and children succumb to the disease and that it is less fatal

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commonly admitted food stuffs and their respective func

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Ulcers occurring in association with advanced tuberculosis of the lungs

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tion would exercise a moulding influence over the entire

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well defined and have an inflammatory zone and the surface of the ulcers

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occurs. We know of a great many accidents occurring

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sj philis if the induration be. moderate or small in amoimt if

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had been total abstainers either during the whole or part

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and the temporal muscle down to the bone are divided. The

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otomy is not employed at all it is claimed that the relatively slight

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have been long contemplated by the municipal government of

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