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cure than if the morbid processus be allowed to run

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roughnefs upon the furfaccs of black bodies than upon thofe of red

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obtained filaments in acid alkaline and nitrogenous mediums of low food value

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as easily or rapidly to increased pressure as organs more

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oculocardiac reflex in a dog breathing normally whether anesthetized

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sis partial dislocation outward of both forearm bones at

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authoritative and our medical journals are nearly filled M ith

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rains or melted snow present temporary obstacles to the

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The same relief followed in the cases without external

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ances sometimes total blindness affecting one eye for some minutes

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the form of powder which.may be taken in milk syrup

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present day is done without the exchange of a single dollar in

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ovarian tissue. Dr. Balleray had always maintained that

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will not overstain if left until dry. Its results are

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domestic life to be found in every civilized country

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of this character which had been occurring at inter

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in a current of water that all these nutrient materials are carried to

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upon them as affording direct evidence of the poison having

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Etiology of Acute Gangrenous Infections of Animals

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have more. By locating milk stations in some districts

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ology were that the disease was due to a micro organism

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lusions of identity impaired emotivity incoherence

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nuteness consists then of the following elements I. Se

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readily than he had expected. In about ten minutes he was

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a proper spirit but ignorant of proper methods. Cer

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ar. He took his Bachelor s degree with reputation at the

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be made no distinction between intestinal irritation from other

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how it would be in case a retreat should be sounded.

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Treatment. Apply cold to the parts if possible if not practicable

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reliable than subjective in the investigation of cases of disease.

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causes which predispose to it are bad air bad food

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same manner as there was an accompanying increase in elimination.

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