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Unusual experience in the use of an anaesthetic during

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of such a method could be made to work perfectly to their

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abnormal conditions of the eyes. Other substances such as ether chloro

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Divided into Cryptogams and Phanerogams with Full Colored Plates.

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Alexander the Great bathing in the Cydnus when exceedingly hot

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be in favor of nephrectomy preceded by nephrotomy being

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The coincident exhibition of calomel or even the pres

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different stages than for the sake of convenience or time saving to

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of the olfactory region absence of pigment in the oil

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wire screws and silver plates were the most serviceable.

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that the specific toxin is closely combined with the protoplasm of the

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surprising skill and the latter has contributed a vast series

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and inion or external occipital protuberance at an angle of to

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adults in childhood it is often entirely absent in an attack which is

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mental hemoglobinuria the hemoglobin does not appear in

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Owing to the largely increasing interest in the science of Osteopathy

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tegrated the blood vessels are enlarged and the neuri

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to be treated are in possession of a bicycle. Even for

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a life of excess and suffered from other venereal diseases would con

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ginning of this special type of disease can in most instances be

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ladonna in quantities sufficient to produce its effect in

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secondly this postoperative tetany can be made to disappear by

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lie la Camp severe muscular work causes a dilatation only in

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marked a third measurement is made from the lower end of

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had never seen under similar circumstances but moving in a differ

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to general endosteitis in a bone another preparation was ex

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S. Are the habits of the lower classes in your neighbourhood

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inquiry into the health of the liou.seholds of those who

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Browne stands pre eminent says Professor Osier and a recent

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