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istence and are therefore reduced to the last degree of emacia
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the battalion of the Sixteenth Infantry from that post to San An
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consequently the air passages are exposed more than any other
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schaftliche Heilkunde at Kimigsberg reported the results of treatment
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centrated about the lower right front and axilla and
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of Aflfections of the Gastrointestinal Tract. Dr. John
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St. Vincent s Hospital Asks for Appropriation. A bill re
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received from many of the surgeons replying to the second letter.
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may be conveniently administered and a few hints to the physi
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The Roentgcn iay examination revealed much more extensive alterations
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nothing could be legally done till he applied for relief when he
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of face. Irrigation of warm solution of borax ordered
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endorses the principle of Individual Responsibility
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the partly successful experiments animals over three months old

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