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lessly performed there may be evidence of the use of
de Medecine tending to show the success which has attended
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real flesh and blood instead of those curious contrivances
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apt to cause distention increase the hyperacidity induce vomiting and
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affection lasted over twenty one days and that half of his cases
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tongue. In a majority of these cases the mother has received a sort
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toxines are produced which may act simply as irritants or
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possible it should Ije used. Its employment by the physician has as yet
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salutary for humors. Mixed with dandelions it forms
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Dr. Lapthorn Smith reported the operation as follows The
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were present. The feet are at a right angle with the legs.
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distinct boat but waits for the proper descriptive adjec
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sub register of recogni specialists exacting certain condi
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plague the former manifested chiefly in the spleen the latter in the superficial
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cannot bear to lose any of this scenery but much is
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attach themselves grow at the expense of the nitrogenous
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the first trial was negative. Table I. shows clearly the
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hours or quarter hours is the standard credit for a science course
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with indifference or approbation. If those who sat idly
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There were irregular exacerbations of fever which culminated on the
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written the author might have saved himself some portion of the trouble
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and Paoli in Kansas are continuing memorials of this difference in
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temperature within. Therefore if in the asphyxial stage as frequently
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somewhere. The possible sources are many but infection of the mouth and
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manner facilitated examination and treatment of the regions
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the species carefully studied have not hitherto been described.
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The results of this inethod of treatment seem to show
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of age and had been regular in time rather scanty in quantity and
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That electricity has given us a better light most men will
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what similar to ichthyol. Is not used internally. Thiol
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ceptible and that she afterwards owing to the puerperal weakness
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Only under exceptional circumstances will articles of over
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John of Ochiltree was of the company of emigrants on
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entering the frontal sinuses trephining may be necessary.
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able than microscopical evidence. The degree of ma
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Carr I. W. The Starting points of Tuberculous Disease in Children
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a conviction increasingly strengthened by the testimony of former pupils.
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tion was the only hopeful treatment Incision was made
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cited great interest among the practitioners of Western
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Ironically the Brain Tumor Registry stayed at Yale in part because of

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