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The use of bad water even for a short time is invariably
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must be sought for and treated and cured. This can usu
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irregular pyrexia is often observed the temperature
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and other allied affections may engraft themselves upon the gums
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sensory and motor nerve fibres the cornea ulcerates and trophic ulcers
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and the digital end doubled on itself and secured in this position. The
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The Stomach. The stomach is an expansion of the alimentary
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ties which are concerned in the attainment and the increase
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with a particular symptomatology or well known expedients.
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very similar to those following infection with bovine tuber
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appear and the pus discharge diminish. It cures Hospital
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characters of this are sometimes best appreciated by grasping the arm above
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traveling up the nerves. It is not directly conveyed
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to a multiplicity of painful complications and their
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several years namely that the operation for closing
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apparatus now used presented no dangers when direct
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present laws are insufficient for his repression and how
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views of life we had held were perhaps in some respects a
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taken up with the reports of committees especially with
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Indians amoimted to only per cent of the sick it rose to among
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though comparatively small in number are excellent in quality
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a most espert extractor and there are still Uving several
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He succeeded in this but the discharging did not stop.
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naturally with the growth of tumours which sometimes
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wart growth is generally wanting. It first shows it
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co operative work. This plan is in conformity with the principle
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correct as the valvul e conniventes were firmly agglutinated
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tions of other organs serve to bring an earlier stage under the
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loops of the intestine within hours and B. violaceus within hours.
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wick on the Practice of Medicine. Hammond on Fasting
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gress and it is on the solid foundation of these truths
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In the second portion of his work the author maintains
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The instance of the water supply to the Leek Workhouse affords a
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in this case if pemphigus malignans would expect to
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who have been long habituated to much fermented liquor and
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nesium and sulphur compounds in the culture medium. Free oxygen
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he had never required to perform the operation and had

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