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persons in different degrees. It often attacks one side at first and gradually

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by operators in abdominal surgery. His object in giving small

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no clinical signs of tuberculosis the percentage of posi

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treated the value of material and the excellence of illus

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meet with in hail gives little countenance to this doftrine and hail

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The pupils present generally an abnormal condition. They


rect the tension. Meat should be cut down to a minimum.

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we have filled the joint with an emulsion of iodoform

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The chapter on tuberculosis is also masterfully well

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and under the nails. A case by the author brings out

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distinctive for it is very probable that there may be

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Advertiser article caught my eye during the AMA Interim meeting last December.

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prolonged occasionall the viability for several days Heating of the

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The symptoms preceding death are those due to the depressant

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which was the seat of a continuous hsemorrhagic exanthem

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could well achieve. The choicest fiowers made more beautiful stiU

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when it will demonstrate the possibilities of an open

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The previous examples of anaphylaxis have all been produced

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who has very considerable diflSculty in preserving his equilibrium

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or absence of foreign bodies or adventitious growths careful search is

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chorrhoea or Pulmonary Blenorrhagia. Balsams. Arsenical

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within the mucosa. The caseation and necrosis lead to ulceration which may

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perature again commenced to rise notwithstanding the

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and terse condensation which marks the book. Such a

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trophy of the heart. I trust that I shall be pardoned for selecting

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were doubtful. It is not often that the advice of medical men

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