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from that now under our consideration. By such errors in

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because pressure below the sixth costal tubercle acts upon both carotid

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generally form upon some nucleus and are seldom covered by

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sold by J. C. Beck of Cincinnati who claimed it had

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of the fourth toe which from injury and subsequent pressure was ren

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der chloroform the physician performed a difficult in

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even far health when its preservation is made the bu

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the success of the meeting. Many did so they made indeed every

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tion. In some of these cases we certainly get a history of an

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proven in many branches. Perhaps as good an evidence of this

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evacuations appear at night there are also involuntary discharges.

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included tests of visual acuity cycloplegic refraction funduscopic study

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nerves if the stomach was irritated the mucous membrane

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in the mouth. They come at about the sixth year and are

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is much secretion present I have introduced a powder to

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luncheon will be served on a park overlooking the Golden Gate

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tion resembling in some degree the eye of the cat or sheep when

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i ch anesthesia was quite marked in the hand and face

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result of which appears in this issue of the Medical

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patient on account of personal peculiarities. Undoubtedly the most

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placed in contact with the mucous membrane. Injection of pancreatic

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shall when necessary for the protection of the public health report

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not cast their weight on the shoulders whilst these are

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will come in for a secondary.share. If the manipulator

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followed by a forcible stream of blood. He continued to

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which characterize the variolous eruption at the same period.

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and inflammation of the peritoneum are engrafted on to acute miliary

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tion of Professor Kocher s. Mr. Haughton considered the good

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construct the abstract notion of a Lord Mayor apart from the

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most likely occasioned liy a difficult labor lasting the

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in mala dextra intumefcente fubito macula rubra erumpit

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which resulted in the expulsion according to his state

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per cent. It is therefore of vital interest to ascer

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alteration of form to recent or old injury is usually

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profit. First of all leading to all and above all in the

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this method. I shall not feel satisfied hereafter unless

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is found in the very much greater pathogenic power of the

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and the crusts fall off gradually and irregularly leaving a red shining.

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by lanes and who I must say seem happy enough. The case of

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