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Of what nature the neuralgic changes in the nose are for the present

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We have in the foregoing studied total and partial lesions

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lymphatic glands as they are common to both diseases.

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Occupation palsies frequently involve some or all of the hand muscles sup

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there followed adhesions of the two layers of the sac without sup

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ations in young children due to contact of the fa ces

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could stand the expense unless these were prepared with

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event it is clear that the common market milk furnished all large

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superficially scarifying the mucous membrane of the mouth lightly with a clean

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general. This gradually passes away in the course of a few days

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and the possibility of bias in official reports raise

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and one half inches in width extending nearly to the

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ing them to Dr. Cullen his Thesis de Animo Demisso

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away the hair and cleansing the skin a rubber cord about the

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chosen as one of the authorities to revise the United States Phar

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present in the blood of typhoid patients. In the cases in which

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Gill s ta ble Charles Gill actuary of the N. Y. Mutual

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During his stay in hospital he was treated with pilocarpin hypo

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had left the meeting before the discussion took place

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large amount of urea was excreted through the skin

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is as follows The hairless portion of the arm or fore

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done by treatment in the acute stage. Dr. Taylor advised

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Hospital I have endeavoured to avail myself of these oppor

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in the blacksmith s shop in his cooling barrel or tank

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boy referred to in the first case was operated upon

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swine are also subject to it and horses do not always

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