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Manual or instrumental dilatation.. Vaginal or abdom
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in such a position as will secure as much comfort as
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satisfactory theoretical basis is the intravenous admin
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him corroborated this statement saying that this condition
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These displacements are usually upward owing to the scaleni muscles
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such instances are comparatively rare and to prove the exist
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we see the patient just after he has awakened and tlius folliculat
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I saw him a few days since and learned from the parents that
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instrument and to locate definitely if there be obstruction
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there may not be an antisejitic method equally certain
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But these and some other instances which I might adduce are
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whirh the intra muscular tidHue drains were fashioned. The foramen
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pages will contribute something to the materials of history while they can
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In estimating the value of these researches we must re
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Monev On the Frequent Association of Chorioideal and Meningeal
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