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tines by which the contracted portions are forced into the laiger. It
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Fracture of the astragulus is a very common injury and is almost
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result in a chemical change in the saline constituents of
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and the anterior segment of the eye. The rather obscure
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temperature has subsided. TTie young man had been in the Keeley institute
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However this affection usually begins in the lungs while disease
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ponsequences even though rigorous antisepsis be observed. In this
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to understand how this analysis can be utilized in the
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be called comprehensive since the author for some unex
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He referred to a recent article in a medical paper in which
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covering for the inner half of the tumour. About the centre there
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keeping up a well directed rifle fire in order to en
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rhage depends upon the amount of blood lost and the rapidity
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due to paresis of the muscularis admitting of extreme
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moment these contain becilli. In natural conditions dusts are
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putrefactive process. Under such conditions the vis con
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including one half of the thyroid and cricoid cartilages
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wise known as auditory vertigo in which the labyrinth is supposed to be
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surely seems incumbent upon your honorable body to make such au official
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tion Pleural and abdominal effusions old pericarditis
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desire to conceal facts while an applicant for insurance
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nection with haemorrhage in the gluteal region should of
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mit the views of scientists to searching philosophical
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region while in others it may be found under the liver I am
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debility in the oxidation and nutritive processes is a pathological demonstra
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nor does it give any symptoms. Suddenly however the patient becomes
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Some of the more interesting have been fully reported in a
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grievously stabbed. It was alleged that although aware
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especially those relating to the mind and the eruplion Lh ufienor wanUfic.
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toms or it may have as its symptoms intermittent epigastric pains without
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should be rejected. Here the witness merely stated that
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P intof thepin.C. the pin carried through the flap opposite the poinl
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the results of the investigations. Cross experiments have

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