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dropsy from degenerated liver and kidneys and in another

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occur contemporaneously in a given patient producing every possible variation

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stool she became aware of the protrusion from her body.

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antiseptics includes corrosive sublimate lactic boric salicyUc and

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inclined to believe that in a full term extrauterine pregnancy

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sylvania has been appointed assistant veterinarian to the Board of

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by inserting a long needle of the hypodermic syringe into the canal

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addi tus ad antrum. This affords a strong inference of tZ

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duced elbows shown too late for attempts at reduction. The

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the intestines consist at first of plentiful serous fluid mixed with

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the treatment of disease but the cases were few and fai

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their studies in the School. The payment of the Registrars is subject to

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with gout at the time of the proposal that the answ.r to the

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The system of medicine which is taught in the great

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immediately or after an interval it always tends to persist or to relapse

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ill not only the two classes to which we have referred

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ment. During the period of training the patients are

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tration clause is that which has specially occupied attention.

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variety is not of consequence. Combined with bismuth

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to double varicocele and was a little surprised to hear him quote Agnew

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cant statements. These are so confidently made tliat

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into the stomach with a noise. The patient had lost

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ness are induced varying in intensity with the tem

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treatment. Whitehead noting the fact that after hjemorrhage

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BRUISE. An injury to the flesh caused by violent contact

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percentage do we find the deaths due to intercurrent

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