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ditis so common in this disease rarely as I shall have
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the lower surface of the tumor at its junction with the head
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ficers of tlie Medical Department United States Army
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to bring with it no exemption the disease having manifested itself
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size from a petechial eruption to that of a dime or
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classes. This is owing to the fact that the children
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ing drum the extent of contraction of the portion of muscle
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four hours of the onset. At times they are not marked
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male. The infection then spreads on this particular farm with
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recurrences. In two one a sarcoma and one a carcinoma
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on slowly or rapidly according to the rapidity with
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MANCHESTER ROYAL INFIRMARY Pathological Registrar Xioo per ann.
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mains negative. And lastly there is a more or less marked
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hemiopia in which only one half of an object is seen. The auihor
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dently however a large proportion of the breeding stock had been
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the salt generally preferred as being less nauseous and irritating than the
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ported. It was really a great pleasure to see a new mem
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even on this basis it is difficult to include all of the diphtheroid
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a non congruent distribution of the secondary sex traits.
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the tear ducts. Then place the nostril hook into the
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of sufficient power to give an electro motive force
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use of the joint being caused by the firm adhesion of the cicatrix
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mine the effect of the ligatur i the coats of vessels and
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makers. The pathological changes are similar to those of the
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by lumbar puncture was negative as to Koch s bacillus.
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istic broad forehead with prominent frontal eminences a condition sometimes
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Sixteen questions were added to enable each Branch to make
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or descending into the iliac fossa. The tumour is generally somewhat

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