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ache pulse. The head ache continued to increase on going

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substances from these high temperatures occur. The prognosis of active

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set out to further delineate the pathway of Constitutional Psychology.

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national government. He was born on the reservation in Kansas

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present either the prominences or the fleshy pads of acromegaly. The size

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lichen planus have to be distinguished from the so called lichen chronicus

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weather and may result in stiffened deformed joints Musser.

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obtain quite sufficient constriction in other operations

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these salts only in quite a minority they have no obvious influence upon

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red or purple color attended with condensation and friability of

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inasmuch as it is easy and delightful to find out the faults of

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animal in very cold water. If however the animal is put

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tion of the several colleges. One gentleman said as a

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period acute outbreaks of either gout or rheumatism

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single exciting cause. Now it would have been possible to

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could become infected with tuberculosis either by the

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as more recent editions of European works already published. As

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and I feel sure that if the recovery room in hospitals was

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last epidemic which visited this country in for example the

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V. other methods of immunization. It is also possible to

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Tait T. O. remarks on inversion of the vermiform appendix

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can be cured without resorting to poisonous doses of

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