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view at the present time. I have always insisted as

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certain number of cases but he is inclined to think

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ing to a paper by Dr. LeRoy J. Brooks entitled Some Observations

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phors. But though the use of stilted phraseology was common enough

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a cause was palpably insufficient to explain the phenomena.

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Flint says that the splanchnics are the most important vaso motors of the

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vascular condition of the brain during sleep Durham placed

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outo A great deal of effort will be directed towards the studies

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symptoms. Peter treats the subject at length and after enumerating certain

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in St. Luke s Hospital suft ered from vivid hallucinations

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these in many instances can only be differentiated from anthrax

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patient became delirious again and died in about four

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are reluctant to tell their ages. I believe tlie error will

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probably to darting pains are the chief. Anemia and other evidences

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and less frequently the ears nose and lips are involved. Loss

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bliotheque doot il faisait les honneurs aox curieux avec una

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isiderable dilatation of other vascular parts especially the splanchnic

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known as the crossed extension reflex. As we have pointed out above

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of the book to treatment. In this latter portion there

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closer and more respousiljle relationship with the busi

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As examples. I quote below values obtained from one of Chick s

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tension as well as pressiu e forms a trophic stimulus to bone

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perennial form a cooling application to burns stings of insects ery

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after treatment or days and weeks may ela se before complete recovery.

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tion increases again. But naphthalene is not so safe or suitable an intestinal

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region these abscesses may simulate psoas or iliac abscesses.

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though nothing untoward happened during the operation. The alarming

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either entirely unconnected with the pylethrombosis or they are

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the Society on account of their pathological interest and not

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graph an instrument designed by Dr. Crehore which util

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iheomohyoid could be both seen and felt in the posterior in

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then the area thus involved shows much less distinctly on the plates.

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leading to dilatation of right side of heart. An ex

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fied spirit with the internal administration of arsenic and

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Although for diphtheria there is sufficient evidence

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the kidney every two to four days for the purpose of

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