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even though the latter is not seriously ill and though other

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proper methods to pursue. It is certainly horrifying

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II Fractures and Dislocations of the Lower Extremity

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the arrest of respiration. The pulse is quickened by

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are still in perfect condition. The peculiar shape of

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favourable circumstances the fault amounts only to li per

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an Irish steamer. When a new college is built in Glasgow

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About this time there sometimes appear well marked shiverings

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spiculae of glass and on examination found one small piece

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ents and brothers and sisters in the neighborhood of Cologne

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holes close to the end. It should never be shortened but when

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nosis is based upon the existence of fever adynamia delirium and enlarged

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would cause the hemoptysis to return in a much more profuse

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relieved. In order to revent any undesiralile effects

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organs over the functions and ultimately over the structure of others

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Martin read a paper on Some Moot Points in the After

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rectly quiets other nerve centers which otherwise might

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Niagara County and father of Dr. Winslow Skinner of

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prove injurious in fever by increasing the dryness of the skin

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normal condition as to the formed elements and to a

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though of unmistakable record as to class k islatiou and

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and the tumors in the jaw also in similar tumors de

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produced in health by the deepest inspiration. This

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as well as the powerful reaction produced upon the body by the

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progress and one might think that this would increase

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