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the sedulous application of sulphurous acid or hyposulphite of soda but in
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with regard to the place occupied by these lesions in the produc
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erally similar in properties to the citrate undergoing
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The third volume of Osier s Modern Medicine follows the second wit
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A few words as to the history of the place always interesting
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injurious to the second and third animal may be injurious to the animal
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the urethra to the bladder kidney amp c during the duration of the
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Protozoa Lang Protozoa in Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Anatomie
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ercises and didactic lectures on special subjects. This session begins
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it is directed the extent of the coating being influenced
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other diseases of that organ as mania epilepsia amp c. amp c. without
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ure of the perinaeum after labor as did midwives. As to
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A. Houde Manufacturer Rue du Faubourg St. Denis Paris
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gall bladder was opened and at the autopsy three ab scesses
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According to Manson the embryos of the filaria sanguinis hominis a worm
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species of Bilharzia of its own namely this Sckistoso
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irregular containing a thick gt J Wen on the Head or Talpcu
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ancients. Our great navigators have borne unanimous
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very frequent between the inteftinal and urinary lymphatics as
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cleaned shaved etc. After the operation close attention is paid to
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Krause s membranes are further apart the fibril bundles
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jects. Occasionally they are conjoined with sulphur and tar.
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few years and then subsided to reappear in increasing
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Dynamic changes in body surface temperature and heart
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fenforial power of irritation which was previoufiy exhaufted by vio
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the latter stage has been accomplished by the vitality of the protoplasm
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in my opinion are sufficient to prevent its being used at all by
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unusually prevalent and attended with symptoms of the most
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is only fair however t j call attention to the fact
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AzarnofP Daniel L. Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Pharmacol lt y
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of the pathological examination. Thus some authors give the fre
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Ross A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System. London .
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the special action of the spinal system so similar to design in
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disorders diarrhea dysentery cholera etc. is undoubted. I
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grants scholarships long and short term loans and part time employment and in
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in the bronchial tubes. A loud soimd of this description is
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is a valuable precedent particularly so far as the interests of
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capable of giving blue color with iodin in twenty four hours at degrees.
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degree to report the case to the authorities and be subject to
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in children and is characterized by cutaneous haemorrhages which develop
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lands containing humus was over one hundred per cent
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exertion. It is obvious that in the great majority of functional and organic
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ging of the pulmonary blood vessels with thrombi and
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done. The first step toward the improvement of these
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laws restrictions on the slaughter of certain animals for food
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is eliminated and also inorganic salts this depends upon
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the Borough of Poole late Public Analyst for the City of

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