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specific hemolytic substances are various alkalies and acids plant

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a frost bite. His urine had been reddish for the last

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Principal Medical Officer who will take such further steps

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sistemi. Contribution to the pathology of the central

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centre such as might result from a circulating poison and

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which a second exfoliation may follow. Throat and constitu

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Ivlencke Hassenstein and Dr. Richardson has by further

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Remarks These instructions are from Miss Arabell of Knox City MOo

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the public interest that had been excited in this matter

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the anaphylaxis test to decide whether the albumin found

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and in particular to the crural branch of the external cutaneous nerve

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integrity of the urethral canal is necessary as well as careful and intelligent

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was no question as to the validity or utihty of operation

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is not absolute and many cases of right cardiac coagulum have been observed

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umblllca lls circle of vessels around the umbilicus.

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can hardly be imagined. They really seemed wild sweat in great

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tators of the present day make comparatively little use of instru

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towards tlie base and at least four inches in width from the

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the swelling. Nicolas demonstrated an oval bacillus in a periorchitis following

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wrong until about five weeks after the accident. The child then began to

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Mr. Rockcliffe who has had previous experience in the consideration of this

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