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dry. sand are best suited for microscopic study. Arterial lesions are among
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rings two of which are firmly united with screws and on
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sixteen cases of melancholia in which either the three
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Much depended on the nurse who must show all kindness
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subject to very wide variations in health and clinical experience demon
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separate course of lectures may be made as heretofore
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for physical development such as is found in almost
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disea.ses. I would also suggest that the last colunui should
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Dr. Besselleu informed me he remarked a singular pecu
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The next cause is alcohol. Magnan has produced epileptic
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article an idea of this notable case of foreshadowing
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placeda conical weight of lead and this pile of feveral things being fo
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constipation a course of olive oil enemata lasting from two weeks to a.
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and then an electrode was carried up with the idea of
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effete eliminations that uric acid does to urea or whether
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a regularly commissioned medical officer of the government or
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dle point of upper edge of external auditory meatus
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swollen with a commencing ulceration. A similar ulcer
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place in the child. Dr. Grulee s observations related to a
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Passing westwards from Assam we reach the plains of Bengal
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pathological high pressure and thus prevent the possi
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and in what order they follow each other and observing closely
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circulation improve manifestly but it is difficult toeffecl an enduj
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Flexner gives an excellent exposition of the various
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be a useful aid to the physician in the diagnosis of difficult cases.
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ment consisted in partial castration extirpation of the
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blains etc. for which this is recommended both to arouse the absorbents and
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amount of glucose whose origin is unexplained and which is equal to
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I adopt is that of the pelvic parametrium extra peri toneally
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is very variable and ranges from an almost completely

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