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the peculiar condition of each. The various forms of
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The President I wish to appoint the Committee on the
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undergone a change for the better from the day of admission.
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often require a much increased dose and often fail to pro
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The condition has been well described as similar to that of
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with the virulent and mixed than in the pneumococcic
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in such a case being more hard and callous does not easily
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should be energetically com.batted possibly in time
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of the latter is likewise inflamed. In other species of animals
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sensible statement from the London Eng. Lancet to show the importance of
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systematized active exercises selecting eight women suf
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the army of neurasthenics dyspeptics and rheumatics
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thermometers barometers hydrometers or any other indefiait
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quicker and safer to remove a considerable portion of intestine than to
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nance Medical Department be elected an Honorary Fellow of
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The leading indication is to preserve the general health.
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come under his immediate observation distinctly proving the efficacy of cer

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