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which are very valuable additional stimulants. Sure

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the Observatory of Yale University to the President and Fellows.

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the subject of Serum Therapy. Dr. Rogers has experimented

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and vicious teaching. Xe iv York Medical Journal April

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carbon dioxide or acetona mia. The results of alkali therapy are not

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der Cystoplasty. Cure of malformation of the bladder

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umer surface of the thighs. In congestion of the Hver we are cither

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is far more fatal in elderly subjects than in adults

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siderably from the strongest methylene blue BX and brilliant cresyl

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extent of embryonic striped muscle cells Pernice. Early

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teaspoonful. in a wine glass. of water is to be taken after each

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Bergonie appHes an aigrette of very numerous small sparks

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The injection into the front passage of six quarts of water as

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attempted extraction with forceps for some time but be

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before the Royal College of Physicians by Sir Joseph

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and place undeci lt led. Americun Pediatric Society Meeting May

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late himself from some unsuspected source. The dark

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pharyngeal mucous membranes hardly sufficient to characterize as

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acteurs et auditeurs et qu au contraire ici pour les canti

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Gannon s fever in its first form is not reconcileable to any

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makes its exit into the ductus choledochus about one third of

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predecessors the record of a fruitful session s work.

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of epithelioid cells. This marks the histological dis

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turbances of the cerebro spinal system and the latter by

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only a small proportion of the inoculated animals become

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spinal axis. They are formed by a collection of granules around the larger

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ency and also in chronic cateuThs. It mitigates the catarrhal symptoms of

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he obtains the ranlc of major but here his ambition for

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