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worm fly Chrysomyia macellaria viz. They are widely

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In the great majority of cases general paralysis is spinal

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Diagnosis. The only affection with which Asiatic cholera could be con

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fore seem to be a competent authority. We commend it

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When one had located it it was possible to detect a

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Hospital for allowing them to use their clinical material. The notes were laid

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orate the system and to render normal the constitution of the blood but

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the influence exerted by the immediate presence of the former

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those who have long been confined to their beds but

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Thefe points of emanation or introduction to or from the tonical current are

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tributed to its spread namely those who had acquired

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sohds after removal of the colloid constituents or to take the

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of cases originating in New York and in Virginia the infected

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Respiratory System. Slight dulness at the base of both

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may act. at one of the principal hospitals there is one

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the Congress of Internal Medicine at Bordeaux that progressive vac

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are many cases of obesity where these foods are not used or are

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at present existing for sanatoria and asserted that he should

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Wood from his experiments on animals concludes that

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salts in increasing the coagulability of the blood gr. x to xv.

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inability to fix the mind. One of the most aggravating symptoms is

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tuberculosis in small doses. He did not consider it a

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agent going down to the root and definitely localized in its

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without hurting later on the patient will often delight

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with painful nerve trunks and with disturbances in the skin structures.

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general swelling to be classified rather as edema is

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male sex nothing more frequently produces phthisis than syphilis

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stenosis of the os and yet these patients became preg

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tartar lemonade. To make this pour a pint of boiling

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was removed from a woman aged thirty creolin was used

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Merer accept sabstltntes always insist upon getting Just what yon ask for

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and he has that murmur yet remaining. Wliat was the

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II. Other Analysis Related to Whole Body Metabolism Studies NM

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A Report of Twenty Four Operations Performed during

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and promotes the desired restoration to health more effectually than any

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chloral instituted by the physician in attendance was of no avail. The

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during labor and two more after labor. Most of the children were born

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tion is great and complications may result from any

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The wound in the skin was closed by a second row of

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a disease in which there is an elevation of the body

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