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depend on the want of harmony between the two corresponding halves of
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author believes that the injury to the pleura was caused by bring
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condition is most commonly met with in heallhy looking. niddv cheekeJ
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nerves. Anstie. who verified the correctness of Notla s oh ei
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uterine peritoneum about one fourth of the wall was
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I was at first disposed to regard them as an accidental con
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important feature of the treatment this is attianed by
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often spring from the surface of the mesosalpinx sometimes bear similar
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greater than when it is omitted. We cannot draw any argument
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Dr. Carr s name as editor of a work is sufficient guarantee of
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tion he has been able to confirm.his previous opin
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intestinal cavity with the external surface of the body. Siry
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factors one of the latter must be dominant as high
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the infection. The same is true of all inflammatory
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any difficulty into the mouth of the sinus and upon
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ther he demonstrated four dermoid ovarian cystomata.
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generations our two nations have been united in warm sympathies on
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and men were conveyed by the Scottish Red Cross ambulances
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batting plentifully padded over the affected side of
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Beth Israel Hospital and Cornell University Medical College
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which might be drawn from even this single case which
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The orbicular ligament usually escapes injury and assists in keeping the
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that in cervical epithelioma it is not only a powerful disinfec
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elements but also in containing a large proportion of oleaginous
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prominent rim called helix a curved ridge within it called antihelix
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benumbing of the sensorium. We shall discuss these conditions
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Occasionally pain and swelling over the mastoid may at a very early
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must have burrowed into the bladder and migrated into
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attack of paraplegia which he attributed to cold and wet feet
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through the bloodvessels of the perirenal fat the vessels being increased
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twenty four hours takes out the packing and the placental fragment
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diluted nitrate of mercury ointment may be applied to the eyelids at
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and suggest this mode of treatment especially in cases of sustained high

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