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material as matter in which life has entirely ceased and I

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miftrefles. Sometimes however the young ftags accomplifh their purpofe while

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A Inch consumptives cough or spit up contains these germs in great numbers

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case with the introduction of Ophelia into Hamlet only

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Broadbent gives a summary of his researches as to the

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the rank of Lieutenant at an unusually early age. His

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ity. Later impairment of judgment weakness of memor retarded

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could be found in the very slight secretion which remained on the

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slowly at middle life and among older insurants pr lt

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ment for scarification. Brickell states that for scari

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phases of rational and abstract philosophy he was a babe. No

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decades of life the disease is chiefly characterized by its

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first twenty four hours the fjice breast and arms are covered

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The differential points are briefly A previous ulcer or one still unhealed

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Instruction of Midwives. This might be done by utilising the present

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following numbers of cases of acute infectious disease

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this country which are but imperfectly understood ex

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muscles incident to child bearing. Hernia in the male is

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fessional information a practical test during the period of pro

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beautiful and engaging he finds in the society of wo

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