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and Child Welfare. Much good work is being done al present

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their university. The latest addition there is a privately endowed hospital

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one sentiment come upon the field under a flag which sym

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vasion and by the high temperature. It must be remembered however

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a full acknowledgment of his crime. He admitted that going

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the rule that the patients should have the mildest possible and pref

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lation due to pressure backward upon the renal structure by the enor

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tlioroughly under its anaesthetic effect and then without violence

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of the nature of the disease of determining the ex

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discharge from the nostrils Avas subjected to diffusion in an ordinary dif

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Juvenile Vomiting. This form of vomiting occurs in young school

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to be useful the exercise must be systematic progressive one day but

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who have lived in laboratories as well as hospital wards may

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receive or Id purchase food from neutrals and from Filipinos outside the camp.

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and salted. Then spread on both sides with the finest olive oil

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from this cause. In addition to its effects upon the child bearing

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like our own. Indeed it is a libel on the fertility of our

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pendix of cases they have endeavored to describe as fully

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in fractured clavicle comprising head for axilla two

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to be very materially shortened an effect also produced by stimulating

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such as those described by me originate. That they take place

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to say of each of these periods of life. He has drawn

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their second course upon Materia Medica Physiology.Anatomy and Chemistry and if successful they

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Pancreatin is indicated as an aid to digestion and for

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occasionally shows qualities possessed by neither. Then as we

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healthy small intestine shows commencing putrefaction


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absorption. Zinc ointment rubbed on with the finger presents


traction opposes it regurgitation must occur in spite of the efforts of

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Address correspondence to Dr Lieberman Chairman Medical Advisory Board

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confessed was sometimes difficult to do and required

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tell pretty well there was as great a variation as mm. when

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