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received by being allowed to be read and that the whole or any
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then as regards causation that it is probably due to some errors in
the United States. Dr. Barker left Toronto for British
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astronomer that the refractive power of the atmosphere distorts the rays of light
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The Nanus of thou who home been Presidents ure in Capitals.
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almost certain indication of the syphilitic origin of the
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to be maintained only during the time that the pregnancy
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stoppered bottle which is shaken to ensure thorough mixing. From
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forth blood instead of vapour of which we have a striking aiteriai
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When due to deficient nutrition widi a lack of uneven
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cure of disease to plunge with ardor into the study of its
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the doctrine of which he is speaking. Debility says he is
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and Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Newport District of the Howden
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character preclude even the suspicion of motives of doubtful
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The seat of the tenderness is generally in the dorsal region of the
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is by no means as offensive as the almost continuous odor from
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not nitrogen. Should any considerable oxidation of the carbon
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viously between inoculation and killing of animal. Positive Cultures Upper
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abroad recently. It is popularly supposed that most people die at midnight.
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state that arsenic has proved fatal in one half the fatal
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por of the fibres expofed to cold and thofe of the mufcles
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severe itching and violent eczematous inflammation of the skin.
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reserves were flocking to the colors among them were fair haired
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that the second phalanges touch those of opposite hand arms
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of the ballot and the day fixed for the election. This plan would
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New Jersey northeastern Pennsylvania western Connecticut and
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drainage and by avoiding the pollution or infection of the
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phia they were observed with the posterior extremities
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termination of blood to the vicinity and that regu
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while recovering from the efTects of the ether admin
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other out of the nostril. These may be changed every other day the
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M. Malassez has also substituted for freezing by ether which is
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pany visited the State Fair where seats on the grand stand
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to a longer period than the natural history of the disease would lead

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