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with that happy temperament which made prudence habitu d

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high proportion of tuberculous cows resident in some

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out hindrance gave rise to no growth at all as the parasites

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tent that in a few hours he had expectorated six or eight ounces.

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Life has been yery properly termed a battle and as there are

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It is easy to understand the rarity of this luxation

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or irregular. Dyspncea and attacks of cardiac asthma

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nearly at right angles to the main nerve bundle and follows the

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thymus dullness would then rise upward toward the neck

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success in treatment can be obtained only in magni

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Spinal hemiplegia with motor paralysis on one side and an

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suggestive action of the local treatment. The turpentine

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tained by medical men in different parts of the world and

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very hard and unj ielding when dry and then softly padded

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vomiting and pain in the head of a week s duration.

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find a single convincing record or specimen but there are very

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Flexner s work on infantile paralysis and on epidemic cerebro

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After some time it occurred to them that he wished to have a

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in our records of present symptoms and of pathology but where is to

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Applying the hand to this side and at the same time requesting the

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It is unnecessary to advert to the preventive measures recommended

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chest wall in other instances the anomaly does not admit of explana

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who have directly investigated the absorption of nutritive enemata

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You are cordially invited to visit the Pfizer Laboratories

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sentences are spoken or questions asked the perception of one or two words

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Cooperation between the services was usually excellent in all installa

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ing dish. Fill cavities with brown sugar and pour a cupful of hot

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probably leucocytes mostly mononu mucus or pus cells.

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May the uterus was found to be enlarged and displaced to the

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Fig. a. Diagram Showing the Process of Bending a Tube without Obstructing

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out the lines of reasoning which had led him to this con

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in watching the various operations of filling corking labelling and

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be found in addition to the tubercle bacillus and streptococcus previously

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iplest of his duties and turns hither and thither for help.

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the scalp was almost CTitirely bald and there were brownish epithelial

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an International Medical and Scientific E. hibition. The

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tion seemed desperate. Moindrot made an injection of

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be considcnnl namely from two to three days. The f r

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disappeared soon after the administration of the choleate of soda which

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sometimes following intravenous injection of diastase is certainly

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size and shape of a small apple solid in structure and oc

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greater than could reasonably be attributed to the effect of decom

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address to His Excellency the Governor General relative to the

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