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in per cent alcohol as follows Sixty tablets of minim each were
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disease in which anasarca was completely done away with. The urine was
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tions for the administration of a lutean extract are distinct and its use
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without any mixture of fecal matter and the thirst became
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prising seeing how nature for its own wise purposes has connected all
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evacuating the fluid. Some time afterwards this practice was put in
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during the present year. Oui readers will be taken in turn
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without subjecting patients to such dangers and then used
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by the fact that the disease may be imitated by certain irrita
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cent tumours too will present swellings which must be dis
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tions particularly malaria and typhus have been given as
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being of man that nothing abroad can be compared with our advan
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propriety perhaps all its forms might be considered under the head
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Symptoms. There is slight shivering. The horns ears
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inal properties Following is the description of the bark
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inflammation of the sweat or sebaceous glands and the surrounding
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with nervous cough spasm of the glottis paroxysmal sneezing
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pain when fasting. Unlike gastric ulcer duodenal ulcer
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than those following physical injuries. One strong reason for this is
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taining camphor should be repeated until the complete drying of the stump while
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the remedy par excellence since it tends to arrest the peristaltic action
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Practitioner should be to learn what medicines act un
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ear not only give rise to deafness and so interfere with education
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with convulsions his face at the same time becoming of a
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favoring the establishment of a psycho physical labor
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of usefulness which we would like to cover. This condition necessitates care
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by fresh crops.. Herpen taster roster zona ignea or
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Bartmann instances such a condition where there was a collection of
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trine of muscular irritability explaining it as a specific property attached
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in the serum and cerebrospinal fluids are supposed to
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the finger j as thin ice does when we put the foot on
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college out of the State on students studying within
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infection as is also adulterated milk and other articles of food. The ice
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location in each ear about two inches from the meatus in
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The warmth is thus better diffused and consequently less is required
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faculty and have publicly defended this dissertation and my theses to
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cases collected by Eiegel terminated fatally. Cunningham collected cases
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compos itum Cephalic platter Compound pitch plaster
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dred and fifty two cases of which one hundred and twenty
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dental tendency disposition accidentelle which when distributed at
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alfected with leprosy. He was emaciated and weak. There
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throw the economy into a peculiar state of cachexia which is conven
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The SYMPTOMATOLOGY of lymphatic pseudo leucocythaemia embraces tlt
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thi.s suliject will proliably never be known. The lin
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when at the same place a crater like opening leads to the
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The fallowing cases form part of a series illustrative of severe
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ing she tried to turn over in bed made an abortive at
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ficial examination presenting a yellowish color may prove to be albuminous

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