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of higher orders are all omitted. Malaria and amebic

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In the section comprising the lower extremity the matter

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specific treatment had been of any avail whatsoever. The

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prized by us in the University that success could be no longer gratifying

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disease is o ning in the first instance I cannot in reason.alnndon the

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admitted by all of us that the disease must be regarded as

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wet but soft and pliable. The skin s moisture is increased by

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Obs.. In a discussion which took place in the Royal

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hydroxid. This pig steadily lost weight otherwise seemed well had no diarrhea

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without physical signs and symptoms subjective and objective.

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earlier symptoms are the failure in judgment and the moral lapse

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by the effect of nitrite of amyl which relaxes the mus

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ous aff ections. It relieves Hoarseness and in many

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good hospitals should be the hospital was not responsible. It is not true

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tury have contributed largely to the growth of our manufac

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have adhered. When seen eleven days after the operation they

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the subject in a very comprehensive manner which was well re

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atrophy according as they progress and invade it. Localising signs

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not been observed so familiarly upon arterial blood it is probably

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Professor of Ecclesiastical History and the Professor of Biblical

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be left about the neck. Let him lie until perspiration is quite profuse

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mycetes have been seen are examples of this exceptional form of ringworm.

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manent specimens fixation in per cent alcohol just on

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sembles while the eruption is more pronounced in colour and

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come thick if neglected assuming the form o Ringworm and

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How vast and wonderful was the mind of Aristotle so

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tomy. The operations of suspension of the uterus or re

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but a few weeks and I shall therefore speak only of

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