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weeks with rheumatism and his story was verified by
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that gonorrhoBal urethritis is a parasitic disease and being led by
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amined at Clark University Vorcester by Dr. Donaldson
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individuals. In uncomplicated influenza it was recovered in per
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with much risk to life yet the treatment is open to serious
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general anaesthetic. In only one case has any toxic
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medical reasoning of early th century American physi
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Leucocytosis is of considerable value and should be given a
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to be expected among patients in whose sputum tubercle bacilli
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intensity thus marking or indicating the progress of the muscular
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chloric acid is given off in large quantities and all glandular secretions
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Mcdicnl Society of the.State of Pennsylvani. i died at his
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Anderson showed again a case which he had formeily exhibited
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only relieves at che time but lessens the tendency to recurrence as his
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axilla well and then bind the arm to the side. These
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determining who have proper qualifications and who have not it is diffi
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Ebstein as a valuable food in gout within necessary
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tion of late as to whether the systemic lymphatic vessels are open
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bichloride of mercury to. The proportion of each of the
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of exerting it the females for the most part remaining
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reassuring feature of the records that have so far accumulated.
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of this rather mysterious trophic influence which results
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of rescue should be advised to leave town for a few weeks rest.
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The effects are best exemplified in the severe cases when death
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They average higher than the unfit group. These averages are
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tunity to become acquainted with the principles underlying the
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the other hand many presented quite large abscesses or areas of
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from tbe perforating vein of the elhaw. This vein known by the
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desert blood concerning which nothing is known bejond the attested
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ments until it comprehends the nature of the object it
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organization society of which there is often as much need in small
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rise to dark purple petechias exceedingly like flea bites but
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The relation of syphilis to aortitis was for a long time disjjuted.
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continued at night and the rhubarb mixture given at longer
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che Eckpunkte des Raumf nfeckes zu zweien kann man diese
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ments but ranks among the most celebrated writers of anti
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recourse was had to mechanical aids whether of decalcified bone or of
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that it appeared during the winter in sundry towns in the
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neuralgias are to be borne especially in mind while diabetes is of prime
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development this species is practically indistinguishable from E. coli in
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ture at last went down and Jim rolled off unscathed. We
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at least of the intoxication produced in rabbits by injections of Bacillus
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micro organisms pabulum on which to feed. Thus we see that
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important bearing on the etiology of appendicitis it
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Symptomatology. Cutaneous actinomycosis may be either pri

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