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foration was produced. These three dogs were operated upon

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is not descriptive of lung disease alone and therefore

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of effect but also the differentiation between the positive and nega

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Statistics available in were based upon inoculation on

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In both rabbits in exper. the blood smears made about hours before

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Joseph s College with brighter prospects than they have had

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by injections alone per cent. The relative efficiency of the different

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Kehrer s Operation. A modification of the Csesarean

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Birmingham and Midland Free Hospital for Sick Children. Resi

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in that District up to the present time requires m c all

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was. per of their aggregate population which for the

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eral portions by means of firm or elastic bandages.

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in small doses was continued and the constipation which

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taminated the author proposes to substituto for the method at

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there be delirium and this delirium be accompanied by pain and

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cases toward the end of the algid stage a lesion is seen

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mission to the hospital fell by one quarter as reported in

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parts as we have already seen in which the gout uniformly weakett

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developed in the superficial laminae of the bone and softens them in

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brought together loosely by adhesive strips not en

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apparent depression of the bone. This apparent depression

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maintain that it should be made obligatory at least to cremate

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became momentarily widely dilated the whole aspect of

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which otten lead to phthisis. Upon the theory thus suggested

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more marked as the mixtures breathed contained less oxygen.

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This patient a physician had then undergone a serious

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stomach the blandest put gatives only linseed olive or

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fections are in small doses rather of a stimulating nature to the

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for alarm. He found that of samples of milk gave rise to

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lepsy. Although no easily applied and unfailing test has

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sight avoids his fellows and hides in dark corners. The symp

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Gros calcul vesical chez un vieillard do ans taille hy

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testinal substitui ao de botoes de Murphy por botdes fei

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with seed not treated. Only one variety gave a larger yield

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