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state of the indigent insane is at least a healthy sign
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solutely compared to that of vegetable since those organs whose sensi
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hysterical. The Greek word neidoo signifies persuasion and
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the Library of the Royal Medical Society Student of Medicine Edinburgh
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tinal irrigations of normal saline solution at a temperature of F.
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symptom. As soon as headache vertigo or distress at the
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cases. Lobar pneumonia may be found early in the disease see Pneumo
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Even by feeding the proteid sensitization may be produced in the
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pensing of drugs and to impress the need of avoiding their use where
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at firft lay concealed in the mufl. Now this liquor that by
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awful for the Court before whom such offender shall be
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give rise to more real discomfort than this cosmetic defect.
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action of adrenalin is not parallel with its glycosuric
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his life Treasurer. He was an ordinary physician to the Eoyal
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tional symptoms previously existing. The direct cause of the
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such time as the last shadow of doubt will have disap
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crowding gives a typhoid tendency to disease in the
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which is always attributable to a staphylococcus invasion of the blood
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occasional coincidence between the alleged cause and effect. But
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they were at first largely used in other diseases than
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to write clearly on a subject invested with dense prejudice
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bismus in a pure blooded negro. Ophth. Rec Chicago
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kidney secondary to obstruction in the lower urinary
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for medical use a white brandy of Languedoc distilled from wines
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patient was afterwards asked whether the tumour was more painful at
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connection with such other department or departments of the University as may
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gered by nursing from an infected mother. For the first
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these were scarce in the localities added to the difficulty. Alto
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in cattle was a specific infectious disease of the pregnant
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a short time Mr. Clark found the necrosed fragment to be
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oral artery was involved the ball being found in the
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These hospitals were striking structures their neoclassical
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of the Section to produce any well authenticated case.
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metritis present. The fetal membranes may be retained.
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army suffered from variola during the war is shown among others by
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