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by many American farmers see section on Surfeit in Chap

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surface should not be made while the system is adapting

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for months been treated for supposed uterine or ovarian

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This book builds up the case for the primary health care

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and that therefore the blood in the left ventricle if death has occurred

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sorbed. The ophthalmoscope shows in the early stage of the disease a

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have made me again very recently deny We must under

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under these circumstances I have not attempted to determine.

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coming into contact with affected animals or infected

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involved there was in each a relaxation of some muscles but

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is bright and has a wonderful memory. No history of mental

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native but to accept the disillusion. It ought ever to be remembered

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vocal cords and approximate the cartilages of the same name

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Hesse s Apparatus. An apparatus for air analysis see

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near Preston. It is asserted that the malady has been propa

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In reference to the illustrations of the volume generally it

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Cherry Valley and an artificial joint discovered a few inches above

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supposed long flights of mosquitos since he has had

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to duty but becoming lame was again sent to hospital

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Belladonna in drop doses should be alternated with the veratrum

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parous quadrupeds began to exist along with the fishes

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chalk but sometimes its effects were manifestly injurious I

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the nodes into guinea pigs and then testing the isolated tubercle bacilfi

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