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hibited by Mr. Edward Fulcher sanitary inspector of the Board

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different investigators may vary as to the cause of the systolic descent

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sist then in a union of comparative medicine and animal engi

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also in ascites when these diseases occur in subjects in which the

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cells of the mesencephalic root to spinal ganglion cells. From

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preservation of the mental moral and physical health of its

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conception of space which is an abstract idea of infinity of time

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sil that is markedly visible after that age may be con

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amination could be completed in five minufes or less

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The excellent program of the forty seventh annual meeting

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nected with the various wounds of joints and with the

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as not only instructive but also highly interesting to any

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The School of Aviation Medicine Brooks Field Texas November

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ferent portions. Small black nodules more or less distinctly

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more resistant in the encysted stage and it may in certain respects

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blood clot about the ovum coagulates and becomes an organized clot con

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Pliysician or Surgeon or he resides near the Infirmary or the

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between the caruncula lacrymalis and the ball of the

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applied without reserve to the mouse and guinea pig. It

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epigastric superficial circumflex iliac superficial external

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