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destructive if used in the stage of culmination or still

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should rightly be excited still the positive diagnosis must be

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medical and public health services by the establishment in each County

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which has resolved itself into a cluster of young endogenous

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a certain number of favorable cases the improvement in

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the nerves. Both the th nerve and these upper cervical nerves are readily

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end of a forced expiration will be constant. Starting then with a

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Lee of London has lost ten mothers out of thirteen

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later epidemics but there can hardly be any doubt that it came

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donvto. If the inflammation is chronic give Calcarea onco a day

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preceding the death of the patient had been small cer

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contagion noticed outside of tsetse areas of Africa.

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last for a longer or shorter time. These symptoms may cease on the

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dilution which causes the patient to cough or hold his breath

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very fat subjects there was extensive fatty degenera

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elapse ere the public and professional mind Bhall be made

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to which its author is led are that the sense of taste resides

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Whenever the villi are suggestive of syphilis special staining methods

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may live to middle life. One hundred and eighty six

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ably adhesions. The period of complete rest should ex

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tion which they respectively require. The present communica

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