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the head and face. The chapters dealing with the dis

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tupior cannot be moved much it is painful and on percussion gives a

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for work based on his ability and physical qualifications t. e. whether

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reality an extension of a former volume entitled Peakland. The

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to be performed in portions where the bowel was not easily

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point where the injury was received and likewise often at a

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his assistants engagecFin endeavouring to arrest a hemoiThage which had come on

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The disease may be accompanied by inflammation of the glans

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tree under which he wrote caves and grottos Clarence

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sympathetic ganglia and in the peripheral nerves have been noticed. In

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small amounts until late in the disease where there is

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requires half as much as a man with light exercise boys from

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Dr. James N. West said that he had a case under ob

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thv end of violent diarrhoea and from indigeflion or from acid

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thick opaque and chalky white in color the surface being dry and wrinkled.

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symptoms of actinomycosis of the liver are not very characteristic

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Prominent among these are i A lessened resistance or reduced

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T. F. aged one of three idiotic brothers living together with

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ing was the feature of German medical instruction will

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tiers and between the upper tier and the ceiling of the

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transverse colon. Her recovery was striking her complexion

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death and not to be attended with pain or distress. No other

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communis thinks now the bacillus of mmor importance

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was withdrawn as it caused anemia about the heart. He

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The chapter upon the use of alcohol is interesting

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sequently add matter that remains indifferent to all disinfectants

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hurricanes of which he had had several unpleasant experi

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ing which cleanliness was looked upon as an indication of wickedness.

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In such a case as this the utility of the stethoscope was

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a healthy squirrel. The latter died days later and presented the

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former of which is liable to dilable the fingers by chalk ftones

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Bwellings translucent and in general appearance nol un

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the abdominal organs for from two to five minutes it

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