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should not exceed four or five pieces. Each should have a label
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Again it has been said that displacement of the patella is pre
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should be accepted by an intelligent profession whose skill involves
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universities to set rules for academic dress. American universities agreed on
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process is on the whole unsatisfactory hecause to heat milk to
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with soap and warm water. This will remove any accumulations
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most efficacious remedies are also active and subtle
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in carcinoma of the esophagus abscess of the liver or suppurating hyda
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The report having been adopted Dr. Yellowlees w as re elected
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burg position leaving this in for fifteen or twenty min
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technique Stepanow s very rapid and excellent clove oil
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being removed of course the screaming at once stopped.
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those who come into the world handicapped need much of both. Although
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that many children actually thrive on perhaps every kind of
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The native medical practitioners of Asia Minor are generally with

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